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Rena Moralez Registrar 27070 
Cindy Ramirez Counseling Secretary 27050
Alyssa Bortle 9th-12th -Moncada-Rodriguez 27046
Daniel Jones         9th-12th -A-C 27015
Victoria Helfer 9th-12th-Roe-Z 27095
Roxanne Kania 9th-12th-D-Hernandez 27130
Amy Beth Woodruff        9th-12th-Herrera-Monarrez 27044
Jordan Bills College & Career Center 27085
Daniel Walendzik

McKinney Vento Student Advocate

Ryan Widemon Graduation Coordinator 27017


2019-2020 Aurora Central High School Counseling Program

Aurora Central High School’s Counseling Program strives to support the academic knowledge and skills and social emotional growth of each student. Counselors promote academic improvement and development, provide individual counseling, build student assets and give assistance to students, parents, and teachers in adjusting to the stresses of school life. Students are assigned a counselor by grade-level. We have also have career/college specialist to also assist students with all their post-secondary needs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aurora Central High School Counseling Department is to guide all students toward achieving their highest potential by providing them with the resources and opportunities to meet their academic, social, emotional, post-secondary and career development needs. The community surrounding Aurora Central is ever changing.  Our professional school counselors will continuously adapt to meet the needs of the demographics of the students and families that we serve.

Philosophy Statement

 The Aurora Central High School Counseling Department’s statement of philosophy was created as a result of district, state wide, and national training based on the ASCA National Standards and ethical guidelines. Our work stems from a departmental desire to enrich and promote the counseling program at Aurora Central High School. In order to insure equitable access of services, the school counselors of Aurora Central wish to make the components of the counseling department known to all staff, students and parents.  Our philosophy was created for the specific student population of Aurora Central.  Counselors at Aurora Central realize and appreciate the unique needs of our students.  Our counselors believe that every student is entitled to a comprehensive counseling program consisting of academic, personal/social and post-secondary support.  Counselors at Aurora Central are motivated to improve the well-being of our students in their personal and academic lives.

The counseling program at ACHS aligns with the vision of Aurora Public schools: APS2020: Every Student Shapes a Successful Future. Aurora Central High School Counseling program was developed to prepare students for a successful life after high school.  Through practice, passion and persistence, APS counselors will provide an opportunity and access to an equitable education for all students demonstrated by closing racial, ethnic and economic achievement gaps. Aurora Central counselors utilize data to identify achievement gaps and provide interventions.

 The counseling department at Aurora Central High School is an integral part of a whole school effort to ensure student success. The Aurora Central High School Counseling Program and philosophy are continually evolving based on our population, data, evaluation and reflection. 
















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