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Kurtis Quig is in his 24th year in education, all of which have transpired in middle schools and high schools and most of his time has been serving the North Aurora Community. Graduating from the University of Mary in 1997, he began his career as a middle school social studies teacher.  During this time, he received his master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Colorado at Denver.  After graduating, he became assistant principal at North Middle School in Aurora Public Schools.  These years were very formative in his growth as an educator as it provided a solid foundation of best practices in low income schools that are in turnaround status.  In 2013, he was honored to accept the position of principal at West Early College Middle School in Denver Public Schools where he was able to support this school in turning around the quality of education and move the school out of turnaround status.  Mr. Quig continued serving the North Aurora community in 2018 as an assistant principal at Aurora Central High School.   Mr. Quig is looking forward to this opportunity of leading the 9-12 Visual and Performing Arts Magnet school.

Mr. Quig enjoys spending time with his wife, Kara, his son, Kolton, and his daughter, Kennedy.  The family enjoys spending time with one another and traveling around the country looking for a relaxing beach.  

Jessica Brown

Burrell Arts Director

Angelique Green

9th Grade Assistant Principal 

Jennifer Pock

10th Grade Assistant Principal

Chaniqua Brown

11th Grade Assistant Principal

Jesse Vigil

12th Grade Assistant Principal

Adam Gelman

Burrell Arts Assistant Principal

Ryan Widemon 

Athletic Director 

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TOSA Maintenance and Operations 

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Tim Walter

9th Grade Dean of Culture 

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10th Grade Dean of Culture 

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11th Grade Dean of Culture

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12th Grade Dean of Culture

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Vicki Helfer 

9th Grade Counselor 

Mallory Byron 

10th Grade Counselor 

Alessandra Lanier

9th and 10th Grade Burrell Arts Counselor

Rochelle Vigil

11th Grade A-K Counselor

Dani Groth 

11th Grade L-Z Counselor

Victoria Sandford

12th Grade A-K Counselor

Nicole Cruz

12th Grade L-Z Counselor

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Concurrent Enrollment

Spencer Abrahamson

Counseling Support

Lewis Galvan

Student Engagement Advocate

Maddie Martin


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Ted Bailey

ESS Social Worker 

Autumn Crews

Social Worker 

Shauna Flege 

Social Worker

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Deborah Abbott

Burrell Arts Instructional Coach

Jennifer Barstow

English Instructional Coach

Emma Jenkins

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Casey Maphis

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CLDE Teacher Leader

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CLDE Teacher Leader  

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      Attendance Liaison                                                                 Attendance Liaison  

Other Support Staff

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      E2020                                                     Site IT Technician  

         Assessments/Data TOSA                                     Athletic Trainer 



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Hanson, Mike - Burrell Arts Visual Arts

Hei, Jessica - Jewelry

Kerlin, Joey - Visual Arts

Monczka, Matthew - Digital Photography

Nease, Andrew - Burrell Arts Film

Ruterbories, Shae - Ceramics

Yankovich, Andy - Burrell Arts Animation


Benitez, Pablo - ELD Teacher

Murano, Anita Marie - ELD Teacher

Reicks, Sarah - ELD Teacher

White, Maria - ELD Teacher


Bartoli, Kalen - 11th English

Collins, Jessica - 10th English

Garcia-Olp, Michelle - 11th English

Gaur, Gabriel - 11th English

Guimaraes, Lilia - English

Hallman, Tessa - ENH English

Jarosz, Taylor - English

Lyons, Brianna - 12th English

Martin, Heather - 12th English

McGrath, Stevie - Burrell English

Mix, Tinesha - English

Murphy, Matthew - English

Nice, Karelee - 12th English

Stubbs, Kerrigan - 9th English

Tinnell, Lindsey - 12th English

Tyson, Ian - 12th English

Whiteaker, Alyssa - ENH English

Wright, Autumn - 9th English


Butler, Carson - 11th Math

Caswell, Randy - 12th Math

Doyle, Spencer - Math

Ernest, Hunter - 10th Math

Funke, Cara - 9th Math

Graham, Michelle - 12th Math

Hull, Brittany - Math

Hunter, Daniel - ENH Math

Murray, Brianne - Math

Nelson, Rhona - 12th Math

Pawlowski, Adam - 9th Math

Ramkumar, Gayathri - 12th Math

Rindfleisch, Alexandra - Burrell Math

Robbins, Amanda - 12th Math

Sundstrom, Jayden - Math

Tampubolon, Stefanus - 9th Math


Della Penna, Joe - Digital Music

Iverson, Donella - Choir

Johnson-Lowe, Jennifer - Burrell Arts Dance

Keller, Katie - Performing Arts

Sovereign, Hayden - Band

Wolfe, Sebastian - Tech Theater


Arnold, Pamela - Lifetime Sports

Baum, Vincent - Fitness

Conner, Zack - LOYO

Mayoral, Kennedy - Competitive Sports

Ross, Gavin - Swimming

Ryan, Rachel - Weights


Dana "Pete" Nielsen, Lt Col (R), USAF

Steven Seiler, SMSgt (R), USAF


Adenowo, Olu - 10th Science

Andersen, Shaine - 9th Science

Backsen, Chad - Science

Elabd, Adam - Science

Gordy, Jessica - Burrell Arts Science

Johnson, Joseph - 9th Science

 Langevin, Daniel - 9th Science

Martinez, Rudy - STEM

Nau, Jonathan - 11th Science

Panda, Suchismita - 11th Science

Secosky, Nora - Credit Recovery Science

Shruga, Lori - ENH Science

Smith, Michael - STEM


Boylls, Nicholas - 9th Social Studies

Brannon, Julia - Social Studies

Chavez, Robert - 10th Social Studies

Depaolo, Rocco - Social Studies

Derr, Christy - 11th Social Studies

Foster, Nicole - 9th Social Studies

Gonzalez, Marcelo - 10th Social Studies

Hoehne, Drew - ENH Social Studies

Klee, Nicholas - 10th Social Studies

Poynter, McKenzie - Social Studies

Reinstedt, Nicole - ENH Social Studies

Scott, Wade - Burrell Arts Social Studies

Smith, Tyler - 11th Social Studies

Stacy, Matthew - 9th Social Studies

Wiedie, Melissa - 11th Social Studies


Christy Bernal - Spanish

Madeline Goudy - French

Sulan Liao - Chinese

Rosa Santillan-Chia - Spanish

Joaquin Tejeda - Spanish