The need for mathematics in everyday life and in the workplace has never been greater and will continue to increase. In this changing world, all students must understand and be able to do mathematics. Aurora Public Schools provides mathematics courses to prepare students to enhance opportunities and options for shaping their future. Course offerings in mathematics provide opportunities for students to prepare for college and careers.


Name / Class Phone eMail Web / Syllabus
 Department Chair      
Carmen Curtis Basham 326-3891  eMail  
Asst. Department Chair      
Kristin Balentine 326-4900 eMail  
Andrew Aragon 326-4226 eMail  
Jessica Bogart 326-2837 eMail  
Randy Caswell 326-4766  eMail  
Jeffery Darling 326-2962 eMail  
Lisandro De La Oliva 326-3538 eMail  
Shannon Evans 326-2780 eMail   
Scott Frank 326-3379 eMail  
Phil Hartung 326-4449 eMail  
Jim Keefe 326-4889 eMail  Website
Bill Luebker 326-4879 eMail  
Andrew Nguyen 326-4285 eMail  
Camron Schwoegler 326-2687 eMail  
Ken Wu 326-4447 eMail  


Algebra 2 


Maths File Game Show

Math Concepts (Trig/Math Anal)

Algebra (Homework Help)

Multi-lingual Glossary for Math

Integrated Algebra/Geometry Series

CPMP Tools

Nation Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Practice Math Concepts (That Quiz)


AP Calculus