Trojan Code of Ethics*

1991 Trojan (pencil drawing)


A Trojan:

Upholds the school name in all he does.
Is a careful and courteous driver.
Does not use profane language.
Dresses appropriately for all functions, whether at School, Church, or in the community.


At School a Trojan:

Is absent or tardy only when it cannot be avoided.
Never damages school property and always places trash in the proper container.
Does not smoke on the school grounds or in the school building.
Tries to do his best in classwork and homework.
Is on his best behavior and tries to show his genuine appreciation in all assemblies.
Shows respect for his teachers.
Is courteous in the cafeteria and cleans up his own area.
Is considerate of others in the halls.


At Activities a Trojan:

Is sportsmanlike in his attitudes and actions, whether he is an athlete or a spectator.
Attends all meetings of clubs to which he belongs and works for the good of the club.


*Reprinted from the 1959 Aurora Borealis Yearbook



1928 Trojan drawing

1928 Trojan drawing