Additional Support Resources

Additional Support Resources:

Counselor Contact Information (by student last name):

Stacey Strong 

9th Grade A-Gomez 
11th Grade: A-Gomez

Roxanne Paguio 

10th Grade: A-Gomez 
12th Grade: A-Gomez 

Amanda Sehres 

9th Grade: Gon-O 
11th Grade: Gon-O

Aly Bortle

10th Grade: Gon-O 
12th Grade: Gon-O 

Mallory Byron 

9th Grade: P-Z
11th Grade: P-Z 

Vicki Helfer 

10th Grade: P-Z 
12th Grade: P-Z 

Cynthia Howl

ELD House

        Athletics Questions/Information: Robert Harrison                                                                                       Jocelyne Medina

       Community/Family Resources: Paloma Hernandez plhernandez@aurora                                                                                          Kianna Crowe

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