Aurora TV: Aurora Public Schools Unveils “A Story” Website

Solange Bizoza is one of many refugee students in Aurora Public Schools. More than 160 languages are spoken in APS and one in five Aurora residents identify as an immigrant or refugee. These students share many of the same struggles, but each also has a unique story to tell.

A new project between APS Aurora AWARE and Stories Without Borders will give students the perfect online platform to showcase their resilience. APS launched its new student storytelling website, called A Story, in early November. The site features stories from Solange and other refugee students at Aurora Central High School, but will eventually feature student stories from around the district.

A Story was developed by former Aurora poet laureate Jovan Mays. He said he wanted to create a platform that empowers student voice. The project will also work to increase mental health awareness among APS students and reduce stigma of the Aurora community.

Aurora Central High School senior Solange Bizoza describes what liberty means to her on the "A Story" website

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