Student Handbook

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Student Identification Cards


All Aurora Central HS students are required by Aurora Public Schools policy and the Board of Education to wear their identification (ID) cards at all times while at school and for school sponsored athletics and events, to request internet access, and to show the card to a school staff member upon request.  The ID card is also used for library admissions and material checkout.  Replacement ID Cards may be purchased in the Media Center at a cost of $5.

Students who fail to bring their ID card to school must pick up an a temporary ID card from the Monitor ‘s Desk at the front of the school. Use of temporary ID cards will be documented in a computer program.  A graduated level of consequences will be assigned to students for each additional time a student fails to bring their ID card to school.  Consequences will involve a call home, purchase of a replacement ID card and possible assignment to After School Learning Center (ASLC) or daytime placement in the Learning Center.


Tardy Policy

Arriving on time for class is an expectation of all students.  Students who arrive late must use their school ID card to pick up a tardy slip in order to be admitted to class.  Tardy slips are available from the Attendance Office, mobile tardy carts, and designated office areas to be determined.  After 3 tardies and 6 tardies, a student will be assigned to ASLC, After School Learning Center.   Graduated consequences are assigned with additional tardies


Dress Code

No bare midriffs!  Your shirt should come to the top of your pants or skirt.

Please keep your pants pulled up.  No visible underwear, boys or girls!!!

No spaghetti straps/teeny tank tops.  If your bra shows, the straps are too small.

NO cleavage showing – COVER UP!

No hats or doo rags or bandanas!  Don’t even carry them around.  You can’t wear them during school hours.

Dress for school!  You are here to work and learn.  Dress appropriately, with personal school PRIDE!

No inappropriate or offensive saying or slogans on t-shirts!  No hate slogans, liquor, illegal activities or gang attire either!

Shoes must be worn at all times in compliance with State Health Regulations.  Slippers do not count as shoes.


Non-Academic Technological Devices

Aurora Public Schools believes in providing environments that optimize learning and teaching and are safe, secure, and well maintained.  As such, all personal electronic devices* shall not be seen nor heard during the school day in academic areas of the building from 7:45 A.M. to 3:20 P.M.  The only two areas where personal student electronic, non-academic technological devices are allowed are the school commons area and the outside plaza.  Aurora Central High School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.  This includes devices that are confiscated by staff.

 *Cell phones, iPods, iPads, CD players, MP3s, Blackberries, cameras, Game Boys, etc.  


Student Use of Technology

The technology revolution of the past few decades has changed the way individuals and organization can access information and communicate with people and organizations.  These outside sources of information and communication will be used to support district curriculum and/or enrich classroom assignments.  The staff will take reasonable precautions and use reasonable procedures to insure that the information, communication, and materials a student is exposed to are appropriate.  If a student deliberately seeks exposure to inappropriate information and material, and uses electronic technologies inappropriately or illegally, he or she will be subject to school and/or legal disciplinary actions.  For additional information related to electronic information and communications, please contact the Administration or Dean of Students.