DEPARTMENTS   303-340-1600 Ext. WEBPAGE  FB
Dr. Mark Roberts Principal 27003    
Matthew Ashlock Asst. Principal 27031    
Cynthia Trinidad-Sheahan Asst. Principal 27096    
Nate Smith Asst. Principal 27130    
Fritz Fulton Dean of Students, Restorative Justice Coordinator  27112  webpage   
Ryan Shaw Dean of Students 9-10  27064    
Matt Ventura Dean of Students 11-12  27115    
Dan Lliteras Athletic Director/Dean of Students      
Michelle Ibarra Principal's Secretary 27001     
Raquel Amador Attendance Clerk 27139     
Marcela Roybal Attendance Clerk 27009    
Leone Bradfield Athletics & Activities 27069     
Fabiola Cruz Receptionist 27000     
Debby Hall Registrar 27070    
Heather Hughes Bookkeeper 27020     
Diana Rundo Assistant Principal Clerk 27025     
Hari Uprety Nepali Family Liaison 27033     
Tammy Wollbrinck  School Nurse  27004  Nurse webpage   
John Wollbrinck Technology Manager 27040 webpage  
COUNSELING     Counseling webpage   
Maria Saenz Counseling Center 27050    
Nicole Avent-Henry Counselor 11th and 12th R-Z 27044    
Kelly Benson Counselor 9th and 10th Orp-Z 27046     
Amanda McCorkel Counselor 9th and 10th Gar-Oro 27017    
Linda McCoy  Counselor 11th and 12th M-Q 27015    
Corbin Roberts Counselor 11th and 12th E-L 27047     
John Scruggs Counselor 11th and 12th A-D 27043     
Lindsay Unks Counselor 9th and 10th A-Gaq Graduation Initiative Specialist 27095    
Matt DeBoer Friends for Youth 27051    
Lori Wolter McKinney Vento Student Advocate  27032  McKinney-Vento website  
Campus Monitor  Front Desk 27110    
Aaron Beasley Campus Monitor 27139    
Thomas Lewis Campus Monitor 27139    
Rick Lopez Campus Monitor 27139    
Taylor Calvert Campus Monitor 27139     
Marcus Shelton Campus Monitor 27139     
Anthony Simmons Campus Monitor 65711     
Dave Thomas Campus Monitor 64195     
Tom Abbott SRO APD  27052  alternate email   
Everett Williams SRO APD  27052     
James Laing Community Liaison 27030     
Kyle Reutter Teacher Partner 47031     
Rhonda Robbins Truancy Specialist 27117    
Alan Sipes  Assessments Coordinator, Data Specialist 27045     
 Anie Tandler RtI Coordinator 27039    
Allice Van Ross E2020 27144    
Dante Bills GEAR-UP 27132    
Phyllis Washington GEAR-UP 27132    
Mark Gibson Goodwill 27021    
Fumnanya Egbune Goodwill 27112    
Amy Campbell Health Science Academy 63211    
Alice Sampson Health Science Academy 63211    
Mary Wright Aurora Lights Student Advisor, Health Science Academy, Health Sciences Pathway Coordinator 27109    
Barb Larson ACE Coordinator (Pitkins) 303-344-4910 webpage   
Kristy Hollingsworth Media Clerk/Discipline  27038/27035    
Anna Laughlin Educational Assistant/Librarian 27005/27035    transparent-facebook-logo-icon
MaryAnn Kirkegard Staffing Chair, IEP Coordinator 27058 webpage   
Kara Kloberdanz Consultant/Student Exceptional Services 27018  webpage  
Mental Health        
Karyn Singley-Blair School Psychologist 27060     
Dena Joslyn-Custer Social Worker 27125    
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Speech and Vision        
Molly E. McDonald District Audiologist 70216    
Rebecca E. Warnell Vision Specialist 27122 webpage   
Rita Hanneman Speech & Language, Department Chair 27059  webpage   
Laurel Robinson Teacher of the Deaf 27079 DHH webpage  
Tara Linn DHH Lead Interpreter 27079  DHH webpage   
Sharon Clark DHH Interpreter 63504 DHH webpage   
Randy Felker DHH Notetaker 27079 DHH webpage   
Karley Espinoza DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage   
Summer Lapp DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
Shawna Kelly DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
Maren Gest DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
James Winn DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
Carol Hodgins DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
Nicole Allmond DHH Interpreter 27079 DHH webpage  
Special Education        
Anie Tandler ESS Co-op, RtI Coordinator, Restorative Justice Team Member 27039    
Ian Calvert ESS Literacy, Head Boys Basketball Coach 63713 webpage   
Eric Conner Affective Needs, Consumer Math, American History, World History, Geography, Affective Education, English, Physical Science, Biology and Environmental Science      
Laura Cornelius Special Education 64833  webpage   
Kristin Hoffman Special Education  64673  webpage   
Michael Kane Special Education  63138  webpage  
Meghan Petoskey Special Education, Linguistics, Word Study, Language      
Instructional Learning Center        
Rodney Fernandez Special Education, Instructional Learning Center (ILC) 62971  webpage   
Katherine Gonzales Special Education, Instructional Learning Center (ILC) 27062 webpage   
Diverse Learning Center        
Corbett Kesler Diverse Learning Center 64979  webpage   
Matt Clark Diverse Learning Center 63701 webpage   
Para-Educators, Educational Assistant        
Natalie Callahan Paraeducator 47066    
Verchella Dunson Paraeducator 47013     
Caroline Maestas Paraeducator  47066     
Jeannie Montony Paraeducator 47072/27062    
Bernadette Pacheco Paraeducator 47066     
Jose Rivera Paraeducator 47066     
Leslee Harclerode  Educational Assistant 27065  webpage  
Andrea Bruza   64376 webpage   
Todd Porter   62839  webpage  
Todd Elliott Early Warning Interventionist 9th grade 62768  webpage   
Matthew Langley Early Warning Interventionist 9th grade 62691  webpage   
Judy Howell Early Warning Interventionist 10th grade 62702  webpage   
Beth Lagodny Early Warning Interventionist 10th grade, Mock Trial Coach 62875  webpage   
Patrick D'Andrea Language Arts, Yearbook Advisor, Department Chair  62836  website   
Brianne Barber English 12, English 9, ELD 9      
Ariel Sena Calvillo Commercial Broadcast, Advanced Journalism, Journalism, English 12, Zumba Instructor 64236     
Heather Egeland Essay and Research, English 12 Co-op, English 11 Co-op, English 11 ELD 64671 webpage  
Haidee Flory AP Language and Composition, AP Human Geography, and HS Literacy 64705  webpage   
Tyler Gross English 9, ELD 9, Co-op English 9, Varsity Basketball Coach 64851    
Tara Hoesly AP English Literature, English 12, English Co-op 62720  webpage   
David Justus ELD 4, ELD 3, Sheltered English 12, Sheltered English 11 64054  webpage   
Sara Kalamarides   63783    
Jennifer Malinowski English 10, ELD 63957  webpage   
Garrett Myers   64818  webpage   
Jiyoung Park English 12, English 11 62710  webpage 
Jamie Rogers English 10 and ELD 10 63480 webpage   imgres
Corey Ryan Creative Writing 11 &12, English 9 63558  webpage   
Sharon Summers HS English 9, English 9 63786 webpage  
Dr. Christina Whitney College English Composition 121 & 122, AP Language and Composition, English 11, English 11 Co-op 62840  webpage   
Sean Guard Sheltered English 10, ELD 3, Department of English Language Acquisition, Acting Department Chair 62544  webpage   
Olga Hojnicki Department Chair, ELD 1 Literacy 64735    
Brianne Barber English 12, English 9, ELD 9      
Heather Egeland Essay and Research, English 12 Co-op, English 11 Co-op, English 11 ELD 64671 webpage  
Tyler Gross English 9, ELD 9, Co-op English 9, Varsity Basketball Coach 64851    
David Justus ELD 4, ELD 3, Sheltered English 12, Sheltered English 11 64054  webpage   
Jennifer Malinowski English 10, ELD 63957  webpage   
Glen Ochoa ELD, New Comer and Sheltered Civics 63342 webpage   
Ramona Olivas ELD 1 for Newcomers, ELD 2 64651 webpage   
Jamie Rogers English 10 and ELD 10 63480 webpage   imgres
Jim Keefe Financial Algebra, Math Modeling, Department Chair 64889  webpage   
Dorian Cagaanan   62287    
Randy Caswell   64766  webpage   
Jeff Darling   62962  webpage   
Lisandro DeLaOlivas Core 4, Core 3 63538  webpage   
Doug Gerace Core 2, Core 1 64102  webpage   
Casey Hebert Core 2, Core 1 62290    
Bill Luebker College Algebra, Algebraic Literacy, Core 3 HS Math, Core 3 Math, Core 2 Math 64879  webpage   
Andrew Nguyen   64285 webpage   
Victoria Olsen   63302    
Robert Pontow Core 1 Math, Financial Algebra 62617 webpage   
Evyn Steger Core 1 and Co-op Core 1  63084    
Ken Wu   64447  webpage   
David Zukin Honors Core 2, Core 2, Probability and Statistics 62581  webpage  
Tony Bullock Honors Chemistry, Earth Science, Co-Department Chair 64171  webpage   
Janet Nord Chemistry, Sheltered Chemistry, Co-Department Chair 64063  webpage   
Gayle Bintner  Physics 9, Astronomy 9 64416  webpage   
Jason Carnahan    64490  webpage   
Heather Craven Physics 9, Sheltered Physics      
Matt Eckert  AP Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Physics 9 63261  webpage   
Mary Evans HS Biology, Biology      
Cole Hardy AP Physics, HS Physics 9, Physics 9, Head Softball Coach 64125  website   
Nathan Holton AP Biology, Biology 64458  webpage   
Beth Moore Biology, Chemistry 64477  webpage   
Glen Ochoa ELD, New Comer and Sheltered Civics 63342 webpage   
Christopher Stone Physics 2, Active Physics, Biology 62738  webpage   
Corey Price Psychology, Leadership, Leadership Department Chair, Social Studies Department Chair 63283  webpage   
Billy Braunstein   63640  webpage   
Lori Braunstein Geography, HS Geography, Civics/Economics 64232  webpage  
Ariel Sena Calvillo US History, Zumba Instructor 64236  webpage   
Gustavo Escobedo   63503  webpage   
Justin Hoffman Geography and US History      
Jamie Jackson     webpage   
Kevin O'Brien Economics/Personal Finance, Civics 62584  webpage   
Sean O'Malley   62557  webpage   
Wade Scott   63289 webpage   
Stephen Sheppard Civis/Economics 64513 webpage   
Monique Taylor US History, Speech and Debate, Law and Government, Forensic Coach, Volunteer for Mock Trial 64495  webpage   
Ian Wilson   63993  webpage   
Jennifer Cronk-Cross Business Law, Accounting, and Tax Help Colorado 63221 webpage   
David Hall Business & Technology 64446 webpage   
Mike Quinn Computer Applications, Web Design, and Adobe Creative Suite Software, Department Chair 63706 webpage   
Steven Cron Strength and Conditioning 64466  webpage  
Clayton Ellis Physical Education 64729  webpage  transparent-facebook-logo-iconimgres
Jacqueline Sowell Competitive Sports, Dance 4 Fit, Department Chair 62870  webpage   
Matt Zimmerman   64789  webpage  
Kelly Dow   63633    
Dana S. Nielsen "Pete" AFJROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor 27080   transparent-facebook-logo-icon
Dave Presnell AFJROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, JROTC Drill Team Sponsor 27081    
Victoria Schleyer Painting 1, Painting 2, Jewelry 1, Jewelry, Department Chair  64883  webpage   
Deborah Abbott AP 2-D, AP Drawing, AP 3-D, Ceramics 3-4, Photography 3-4, Drawing 3-4, Photography 1-2, Drawing 1-2  64931  webpage   
Donella Iverson Vocal Music 64437  webpage   
James Jensen Instrumental  63536  webpage  
Nicole Lee Photo 1, Photo 2 64324    
Mark Manners Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2, Sculpture 1, Sculpture 2 63400    
Amy Beth Mears Drawing 1, Drawing 2 63828    
Christina Roberts Intro to Theatre, Musical Theatre, AP Advanced Acting 64169  webpage   
Andrew Fox  Spanish for Native Speakers, Department Chair 62820  webpage   
Katherine Allen German 3, German 2, German1 64293 webpage   
Dawn Mayo Spanish 1, Spanish 2, AP Spanish Language and Culture, Tutor in ACHS Media Center T/TR 63304    
Patricia Villegas Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 63880    
Sonny Bui Head Custodian 27008     
Raúl Martínez  Maintainance Custodian  27008     
Alvaro Perdomo Evening Custodian 27008     
Randy Cropp   27008    
Victor Jiménez   27008    
Cesar Cruz   27008    
NUTRITION SERVICES     APS Nutrition webpage   
Vicke Sherbon  Manager 27006