SAT/PSAT and CMAS Testing Information

Aurora Central Parents and Guardians,

SAT/PSAt and CMAS testing will be next week, participation in testing is important because results help students, parents, and teachers understand whether students have mastered the content they need to know by the end of the school year to be on track for college and career success.  Please help us prepare our students to do their very best on the upcoming assessments. If your student is absent, they will have to make up the test at another time.   Please see the attached bell and bus schedule, if you have any questions please contact the main office at 303-340-1600.

APRIL 11th

10th and 11th graders attend school 7:30am-3:45pm.

9thand12th graders attend school 11:15am-3:45pm.   (modified bus schedule)

APRIL 12th

11th graders attend school 7:30am-3:45pm.

9th,10thand 12th graders attend school 11:15am-3:45pm.   (modified bus schedule)

Revised PSAT-SAT-CMAS Testing Schedule_Page_1
Revised PSAT-SAT-CMAS Testing Schedule_Page_2

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